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Pollinators in the Piedmont: Picnic + Planting @ Mystic Farm + Distillery April 13th

Want to have a picnic BY the bees while you learn to plant a picnic FOR the bees?

Learn how to grow pollinator-friendly plants while helping to install a pollinator habitat at Mystic Farm & Distillery! Sample from a pollinator picnic where you can taste drinks and treats made from honey and flowers along with samples of Mystic spirits!


Join the local-food educators from Piedmont Picnic Project and the bee-loving expert of Apiopolis at Mystic Farm & Distillery for this two-hour hands-on pollinator gardening workshop and picnic — great for folks looking to learn new gardening skills, learn more about pollinator-friendly practices, or just taste and learn about food and drink you can make with honey and wildflowers! As we get our hands dirty and taste these goodies, we’ll also learn more about the history of bees & beekeeping and their importance in our world today.

What you’ll take away:

  • New knowledge and hands-on skills to grow pollinator plants along with seeds for pollinator-friendly plants to get you started at home.
  • New experiences of food and drink made with honey and wildflowers (and spirits!) as well as recipes for you to replicate the same treats on your own.


About the Partners:

We believe you’ll enjoy your food more if you know the story behind it! Here’s how we’ll each help you do that.


This workshop is the third in a four-part series of Foragable Durham events and workshops at Mystic Farm & Distillery designed to teach important skills that connect you more with your local food community and environment! Foragable Durham is a part of the Foragable Communities initiative.

Piedmont Picnic Project seeks to connect people to their food through hands-on programming that builds skills and builds community. Learn how to produce your favorite food and drink while at the same time being rooted in the relevant history behind our local food traditions, people, and place.

Apiopolis is a non-profit urban bee sanctuary in Raleigh. Their mission is to improve the health and habitat of honeybees and native pollinators, and to form dynamic collaborations that promote the well being of our entire community in a holistic, inclusive, and joyful manner.

Mystic Farm & Distillery is located in the heart of the Research Triangle on a 22-acre site. They transform local grains and botanicals into finely crafted spirits, including bourbon liqueur, bourbon, and gin.

Note: This workshop takes place rain or shine. Weather-permitting, we will be outdoors working in the soil. Please dress comfortably for the weather and ready to get your hands dirty.


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Cultured Dairy Fermentation Workshop @ Raleigh City Farm April 6th!

Want to enjoy the yummy tang and probiotic benefits of making your own cultured dairy products at home?

Learn several simple techniques to have a continuous supply of healthy, tasty fermented dairy at home for just a portion of the cost of their store-bought versions!

Join Piedmont Picnic Project at Raleigh City Farm for this two-hour hands-on fermentation workshop — great for beginners looking for an introduction to fermentation or experienced fermenters looking to learn new methods! We’ll learn everything you need to know about milk kefir, buttermilk, crème fraîche, and cultured butter. Enjoy samples of each of the products we learn about and take home your very own milk kefir starter grains in a fermentation vessel to get you started fermenting at home. As we taste and try our hand at fermentation on this farm in the city, we’ll also learn more about the history and traditions around dairy in our local Raleigh community.

Eventbrite - Cultured Dairy Fermentation Workshop

Skills you’ll learn:

  • The basics of fermentation, including how the process works, potential benefits, choosing a fermentation vessel, choosing ingredients, and creating the ideal environment for your ferment.
  • Everything you need to know to start fermenting simple cultured dairy products at home, including milk kefir, buttermilk, crème fraîche, and cultured butter.

What you’ll take away:

  • New knowledge and hands-on skills to ferment your own dairy at home.
  • Recipes and instruction sheets to get you started on your fermentation journey.
  • Lots of fermented dairy samples from class will go with you in your belly!
  • Your very own fermentation vessel with milk kefir starter grains to grow your own milk kefir at home.

This workshop is the second in a monthly series of Piedmont Picnic workshops at Raleigh City Farm this spring designed to each teach an important skill for producing and preserving your own food!

Eventbrite - Cultured Dairy Fermentation Workshop

About the instructors:

We believe you’ll enjoy your food more if you know the story behind it! Here’s how we’ll each help you do that.

Elizabeth Weichel has a background in public history and specializes in local history. She’ll help us to remember the ways that everything old is new again – growing, preserving, and fermenting your own food might be trendy now, but it’s nothing new! Learn how it all fits into the larger story of our local history.

Amanda Matson has carved out her own little urban homestead right here in Raleigh – growing, foraging, and preserving her own food all on a small lot in the city and working toward total fruit and veggie independence. She’ll teach you all of the hands-on skills you need to have your own little homestead – whether it’s the size of a single container garden or an entire yard!

Note: This workshop takes place outdoors at the beautiful Raleigh City Farm – a working farm right in downtown Raleigh! Please dress comfortably for the weather.

Eventbrite - Cultured Dairy Fermentation Workshop

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#BakeLocal Cookie Workshop Dec. 15 at Mystic Farm & Distillery

The holidays will soon be here! Have you baked your favorite cookies yet? What if you could make sure your holiday treats really tasted like home?

Butter, eggs, flour, oh my! Pecans, apples, ginger, oh yum! Can we find a way to source everything we need for our favorite holiday cookie recipes from local growers and vendors?

Find out at the second event in the Foragable Durham series – #BakeLocal Cookie Workshop by Piedmont Picnic Project at Mystic Distillery & Farm.

You may have heard of the #shoplocal trend for the holiday season, but what about #bakelocal? Learn how to convert favorite holiday confection recipes to use only local ingredients and showcase unique local and wild flavors. Support local farms and businesses in your kitchen! And of course, because this is at Mystic, expect options to spike some of your favorite holiday treats with local spirits.

This event is free, but you need to RSVP here to attend.  

Taste many samples – both premade and ones you help bake. Take home more samples to inspire you to bake local at home.

RSVP here to save your spot!

Stick around after the workshop for a tour and tasting at Mystic Farm and Distillery free of charge (normally $10)!

RSVP here for your free ticket.

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5th Annual Hot Nuts & Cider December 1st

Was there a time when the end of fall meant sitting around the fire with your family and friends… chatting, telling stories, or listening to someone play music… sipping a hot drink… while you cracked and picked the nuts you gathered all fall long… looking forward to preparing decadent treats with them for the holiday season? We will recreate that time here in downtown Raleigh!

Reserve your ticket here.

The evening around the fire with us includes…

+Make-your-own hot spiked cider bar with wild foraged add-ins and local spirits by TOPO Organic Spirits and Fair Game Beverage Co.

>>>**NEW this year! Purchase a “VIP Bottomless Mug Ticket” for free refills at the bar and a branded campfire mug!  

+Crack and roast wild foraged nuts around the fire.

+Live, fireside music by local musicians.

+Market tables with local baked goods and crafts for sale. Click here if you are a local vendor who is interested.

+Make your own historic decorations for our Christmas tree.

Raleigh City Farm will also have their Christmas Tree Lot open for tree sales from High Country Firs during this time, so you can purchase a sustainably-grown Christmas tree while you’re there!

Special thanks to CompostNow for collecting all of our compostable cider cups and nut shells!

Reserve your tickets here.

Special thanks to our Partners & Sponsors

Click here if you are interested in sponsorship.

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Fall Workshop Schedule

Check out our full list of Fall Workshops below!  Click the link to access the ticketing website for each class.


9/8 (Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM)  – The Piedmont Picnic Pantry: End of Summer Preserving Workshop @ Raleigh City Farm

9/20  (Thursday, 6 – 7:30 PM) – Know your Roots: Fall into Winter Gardening  @ Raleigh City Farm

9/22 (Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM) – Fermented Sodas Workshop @ Well Fed Community Garden

9/30 (Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM) – Beers from Here Foraging Walk @ TLC’s Walnut Hill


10/13  (Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM)  – Piedmont Picnic Pantry: Intro to Veggie Fermentation  @ Raleigh City Farm

10/13 (Saturday, 2 PM – 4 PM) – Intro to Dairy Fermentation @ NC Museum of History

10/18  (Thursday, 6 – 7:30 PM) – Know your Roots: Soil Building + Composting  @ Raleigh City Farm

10/20 (Saturday, 11-1:30 PM) – Foragable Durham Wild Cocktail Workshop @ Mystic Distillery


11/3 (Saturday, 1 PM – 3 PM) – Intro to Veggie Fermentation @ NC Museum of History

11/10 (Saturday, 10 AM – 12 PM)  – Piedmont Picnic Pantry: Yogurt + Yogurt Cheese  @ Raleigh City Farm


12/15 (Saturday, 11 AM – 1:30 PM) – Foragable Durham: All-Local Cookie Baking Workshop @ Mystic Distillery

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Join us! Gardening Principles + Permaculture May 31!


Looking for a solid foundation in key gardening principles? Ever wondered about permaculture as a technique for your garden?

Join Piedmont Picnic Project for this Gardening Principles + Permaculture workshop with special guest instructors – Jeana Myers, Wake County Horticulture Extension Agent, and Will Hooker, professor emeritus NCSU Horticulture and local permaculture expert – to learn more at this workshop on Thursday, May 31 at Raleigh City Farm!

Reserve your spot here.

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Join us! Strawberry Jam Making Workshop May 5

Want to preserve that spring berry taste all year long?

Join Piedmont Picnic Project for this Strawberry Jam Workshop with guest instructors from Allis Farm on Saturday, May 5 at Raleigh City Farm! Learn to make your own strawberry jam from the season’s best fruit! Learn to can your jam using the water bath canning method.

Taste samples and take home a jar of jam you helped make!

Reserve your spot here.  

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CANCELLED Good Bug, Bad Bug? Workshop April 26

Is that a good bug or a bad bug for your garden? How do you attract more good bugs and why are they important?

Join Piedmont Picnic Project for a Good Bug, Bad Bug? workshop with special guest instructor, Alison Reeves of the NCSU Agroecology Education Farm on Thursday, April 26 at Raleigh City Farm! Learn all about garden bugs – pests, beneficials, and pollinators!

Learn to make sticky traps to catch bugs at home and take home seeds for pollinator-friendly plants!

Reserve your spot here.

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SOLD OUT! Sourdough Bread Baking Workshop April 15

Want to learn how to create the tangy goodness of sourdough bread in your home kitchen?

Join Piedmont Picnic Project for a Sourdough Bread Baking workshop with guest instructor, Janee Saletta of Sour Bakery on Sunday, April 15 at Raleigh City Farm!

Learn to create your own sourdough starter and bake delicious bread!

Taste samples and take home what you need for your very own sourdough starter.

This workshop is sold out, but check out our other upcoming workshops here

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Join us! How to Grow your own Microgreens Workshop on March 29!

Ever wondered about microgreens – what they are or how to grow your own?

Join Piedmont Picnic Project for our upcoming Grow Your Own Microgreens workshop with special guest instructor, Tami Purdue of Sweet Peas Urban Gardens on March 29 at Raleigh City Farm! Learn all about these intensely flavored, super nutritious, and strikingly beautiful tiny edibles!

Take home a tray of your microgreen of choice to start yourself at home.

Reserve your spot here.

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