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Know your Roots: Inside-Out  Guide to Seed Starting | Thursday, March 30, 6-7:30 PM | Raleigh City Farm

Reserve your spot here for our upcoming Know Your Roots: Inside-Out Seed Starting Workshop!

 Interested in starting seeds indoors for your summer garden?  Or maybe you’d like to start a container garden of spring veggies that can go straight outside?  We’ll show you how to do both and send you home with the starter package of your choice!

We’ll cover how and when to start your seeds indoors versus outdoors for summer versus spring crops.  We’ll provide a planting guide for the month of April for you to take home.  You can choose to plant and take home a starter kit of your choosing: the salad patch kit to put out this spring or the pizza garden kit to start inside now and plant out this summer.


Tickets provided at a discounted rate thanks to the generosity of the Oakwood Garden Club.

The Piedmont Picnic Pantry: Jelly + Pickles Canning Basics Workshop | Saturday, April 8, 10 AM – 12 PM | Raleigh City Farm

Want to can your own preserves but not sure how to get started?
Join us! We’ll guide you through two of the simplest and safest preserves to start with: jelly and pickles.

Saturday, April 8, 10 AM – 12 PM
Raleigh City Farm (800 N Blount St.)

What to expect:
We’ll tell you tales of the history of canning and of our local area along the way.
You’ll have a chance to customize your own jar of pickles with spring veggies and spices to take home with you.
You’ll get a full overview of the jelly-making process and how to make jelly with spring wildflowers.
You’ll leave with a solid knowledge of the water bath canning method, detailed handouts, and a jar of preserves!

Reserve your spot here.

This workshop is hosted outdoors on site at the lovely Raleigh City Farm in downtown Raleigh (800 N Blount St.).


Save the date for our upcoming classes in seasons to come!  More details to come…

Spring Class Series at Raleigh City Farm

4/8, 10-12 PM | Piedmont Pantry: Introduction to Bread & Jelly | Raleigh City Farm

4/27, 6-7:30 | Know your Roots: Building Raised Beds + Lasagna Gardening | Raleigh City Farm

5/6, 10-12 PM | Piedmont Pantry: Introduciton to Dairy Fermentation | Raleigh City Farm

5/25, 6-7:30 | Know your Roots: Preparing Your Garden for Summer

Fall Class Series at Raleigh City Farm

9/9, 10-12 PM | Piedmont Pantry: End of Summer Preserving | Raleigh City Farm

9/28, 6-7:30 | Know your Roots: Planting Your Fall Garden | Raleigh City Farm

10/14, 10-12 PM | Piedmont Pantry: Apples 3 Ways | Raleigh City Farm

10/26, 6-7:30 | Know your Roots: Extending Your Season + The Winter Garden

11/11, 10-12 PM | Piedmont Pantry: Introduction to Yogurt + Yogurt Cheese | Raleigh City Farm