Want to learn to make your own homemade tortilla chips, fresh pico de gallo, and yummy guacamole for a delicious starter to any meal or party?

Learn simple techniques from the founder and owner of Mama’s Salsa who has combined her own family traditions with new ideas inspired by experiences and ingredients both locally and throughout her travels!

Join Piedmont Picnic Project with Mama’s Salsa at Rebus Works for this 1.5-hour hands-on cooking workshop — great for beginners looking for an introduction to simple techniques or those more experienced in the kitchen looking to learn new methods and recipes! We’ll learn everything you need to know about how to create your own freshly made salsas and freshly baked chips – all with no special equipment. Enjoy samples of each of the products we learn about and take home a jar of salsa, a bag of chips, and handouts to get you started at home.

We’re excited to be at Rebus Works for this workshop – a hub for local food and community as well as a very cool indoor space with wine, beer, and coffee available for purchase! As we taste and try our hand at making these yummy foods, we’ll also learn more about the history and traditions around them in our local Raleigh community.

What you’ll take away:

  • New knowledge and hands-on skills to make homemade chips and salsa, including choosing ingredients, the process for making and storing, and ideas for how best to serve them.
  • Recipes and instruction sheets to get you started at home.
  • Lots of samples in class and a jar of salsa and a bag of chips to take home!

This workshop is one of many we are hosting at Rebus Works – each designed to each teach an important skill for producing and preserving your own food!

About the instructors:

We believe you’ll enjoy your food more if you know the story behind it! Here’s how we’ll each help you do that.

Crystal Harris of Mama’s Salsa got started making authentic Mexican meals for her friends, and it turned into a full-blown business! Mama’s Salsa makes fresh chips & salsas weekly!! Each recipe has been carefully crafted & perfected. Some salsas remind her of home & some are new packed with flavor! When it comes to Salsa, Mama knows best!

Elizabeth Weichel of Piedmont Picnic has a background in public history and specializes in local history. She’ll help us to remember the ways that everything old is new again – growing, preserving, and fermenting your own food might be trendy now, but it’s nothing new! Learn how it all fits into the larger story of our local history.

Amanda Matson of Piedmont Picnic has carved out her own little urban homestead right here in Raleigh – growing, foraging, preserving, and fermenting her own food all on a small lot in the city — working toward total fruit and veggie independence and a nearly all-local table. She’ll teach you all of the hands-on skills you need to have your own little taste of homestead life – whether it’s adding home-fermented goodies to your table or farming your entire yard!

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