Join Piedmont Picnic Project at the Well Fed Community Garden for our upcoming workshop on kombucha and fermented root beers! Learn two techniques for fermenting your own sodas at home: (1) fermenting using a kombucha SCOBY which we will provide, and (2) fermenting by growing your own ginger bug.


What you can expect:

  • Taste fermented sodas flavored with locally foraged fruit and herbs!
  • Learn how to make two kinds of fermented sodas on your own at home:
    • Kombucha
    • Ginger Bug Soda
  • Take home a kombucha fermentation kit that includes:
    • fermentation vessel + swing-top bottle for the finished product
    • fermentation cover cloth
    • SCOBY starter
    • your first batch of tea!
  • Learn a about the history of sodas and health elixirs in North Carolina + more about the potential health benefits of drinking naturally fermented sodas today!
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