For those who garden or want to garden, winter can seem like a stagnant time when one cuddles up inside and dreams about spring.  Yet, there are lots of ways to grow things in winter or to prepare your garden for spring, even now!  Starting a lasagna garden bed is one of those ways…  You can start one at any time of the year, but winter can actually be one of the best times!  This makes it a great topic for our Feasting in Times of Winter Scarcity series.

What is Lasagna Gardening?  

  • Similar to no-till, no-dig, sheet mulching, forest gardening (permaculture)
  • Rather than dig a vegetable bed, you simply layer organic materials over your existing lawn/weeds to kill the grass and decompose into nutrient-rich garden soil.

Why Lasagna Garden?  

  • It’s easy.  No digging and no weeding!  Avoid two of the most laborious and tedious parts of gardening.
  • It uses up waste materials.  You can use your kitchen scraps, yard waste, old cardboard and newspapers…  even pick up waste from local coffee shops or breweries!
  • It’s cheap.  If you take the time to collect various organic waste materials from your kitchen, yard, or around town, you can do this for free!  If you are in a hurry, you can spend a little money on store-bought materials to speed things along.
  • It’s sustainable.  You use up organic waste materials that might have ended up in the landfill, while reducing soil erosion and nutrient loss, and start growing hyper-local food!
  • It’s scalable.  Use whatever you have when you have it and layer as you go!  No need to run out and buy large quantities of organic materials all at once.  Use it on any size bed!

How do I start a Lasagna Garden?  

Join us for a FREE DEMO this Saturday, January 16th at 2 PM as Piedmont Picnic’s co-founder, Elizabeth, acts as a guinea pig for learning about and building an lasagna garden!  Find details HERE.  

LasagnaAdvertNot able to make it this weekend but still want to learn more?  

See our CLASSES page for information on how YOU can host your own Lasagna Gardening Workshop for you and your friends!  

UPDATE:  See how it all turned out here!


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