100 Miles in 100 Days: Looking back at Week 7

The moment we’ve been working toward has arrived!  This week we hit the Neuse River, and now we are working our way north along it as part of our 100 Miles in 100 Days series!

100 Miles3

Let me tell you, after what seemed like miles of being caged in on boardwalks on the end of the Walnut Creek Trail, it was thrilling to reach the shining waters of the Neuse and freedom to roam!

  So far, the Neuse has not disappointed!  Anderson Point Park was a highlight this week.  As the seasons change, it’s amazing how different the same trail can look from week to week…  The gorgeous fragrant clumps of wisteria and black locust are gone now.  Wild roses climb high into the trees.  You usually smell them before you see them, but they won’t be blooming much longer.  Flowers of summer, like honeysuckle and oxeye daisies are here to stay for a while.  

#oxeyedaisy #dewdrops #nofilter #100miles100days #forage #wildfoodlove A photo posted by Piedmont Picnic Project (@piedmontpicnicproject) on

It won’t be long now until elderflowers, yarrow, and Queen Anne’s lace is in full bloom!

Not long now… Did anyone else used to color these with food coloring as a kid? 😉 #queenanneslace #wildcarrot #childhoodmemories #100miles100days

A photo posted by Piedmont Picnic Project (@piedmontpicnicproject) on

And then, you know what’s next as summer nears… BERRY SEASON!

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