Winter Pantry Swap!


February 20


07:30 pm - 09:00 pm


Piedmont Picnic Project

Do you enjoy making, growing, fermenting, or foraging your own foods? Would you like to share them with others and taste other local food makers’ creations?

Come out and join other cooks, bakers, canners, gardeners, and foragers to share your extra homemade pantry goodies and barter with others for theirs in return!

Join Piedmont Picnic Project at Rebus Works for this social gathering full of tasting and swapping. Every attendee will bring food or pantry items that they made, grew, or foraged themselves! We’ll put them all out on display, and you’ll have a chance to bid on items silent auction style by bartering your own goods.

What to bring (this list is just examples; you can bring anything made from scratch!):

  • Homemade baked goods – breads, desserts, spices mixes, dough, pasta, granola, cookies, candy
  • Fermented foods – lacto fermented veggies and fruits, kombucha, kefir, SCOBYs, ginger bugs, vinegar, yogurt, beer, wine, oh my!
  • Home-canned foods – fruits, veggies, jams, jellies, chutneys
  • Home-grown foods – herbs, fruits, veggies, eggs, honey
  • Foraged foods – greens, flowers, fruits, veggies
  • Handmade food utensils or dishes
  • Homemade natural cleaners
  • Extra supplies you don’t need – extra canning jars, leftover ingredients

What to expect:

  • Everything happens on a barter system. No cash is exchanged, and no goods are sold.
  • You’ll arrive and have space at a table to display your wares. We’ll give you a bid sheet to put out with your goodies.
  • We’ll mingle and “shop” for the first half-hour. You can put bids on the sheets of other attendees silent auction style.
  • After the bidding, we’ll have an hour for folks to make their swaps! Pick the bids on your sheets you want to accept and swap your goods with the other makers.

Tickets: You can choose to make a $10 donation to one of our three favorite local non-profits: (1) Raleigh City Farm, (2) Apiopolis, or (3) Triangle Land Conservancy.


Beer, wine, coffee, and other snacks and beverage are for sale from Rebus Works.

About the hosts:

We believe you’ll enjoy your food more if you know the story behind it! Here’s how we’ll each help you do that.

Piedmont Picnic seeks to connect people to their food through hands-on programming that builds skills and builds community. Learn how to produce your favorite food and drink while at the same time being rooted in the relevant history behind our local food traditions, people, and place.

We’re excited to be at Rebus Works for this swap – a hub for local food and community as well as a very cool indoor space with wine, beer, and coffee available for purchase! Check out their coffee shop and workspace on weekdays and the Saturday Market each Saturday.

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