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Forage with Piedmont Picnic at Cooke St Carnival!

Did you know that there is free food all around you?  Sometimes right under your feet; sometimes right above your head!  Piedmont Picnic will be showing you a few easy-to-forage fall nuts, greens and fruits Saturday, October 18th at the Cooke Street Carnival Fatt Legg Farm local food roundup.

Have a chance to see, touch, smell, crack, and taste some locally-foraged and wild edibles!

Pick up recipe cards for ideas to get you started on what you can make with these foraged ingredients once you find them in your neighbor’s own backyard!

Share some of your own foraging hot-spots with us and your community by geo-locating edibles you’ve seen around your neighborhood!  We’ll show you ours if you show us yours.

chestnut feet


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