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Intro to Veggie Fermentation on July 15 @ The Well Fed Community Garden!

Join us for our upcoming Intro to Veggie Fermentation Class at the Well Fed Community Garden!

We’ve all heard about the benefits of adding probiotic-rich fermented foods to our diets. Buying them at the store can get expensive, but how do you know how to make sure you’re safely getting the most out of these foods when making them at home? Fermentation can seem like a mysterious process, but we’ll make it easy for you and break it down step-by-step by:

  • Providing the story, benefits, and process behind vegetable fermentation
  • Tasting an array of home-fermented veggies
  • Guiding you through a hands-on demonstration of home fermentation using two different methods
  • Sending you home with handouts and a fermentation vessel filled with a prepped veggie of your choice to get started right away at home!


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