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Join us! Hot Nuts & Cider on Dec. 2

Was there a time when the end of fall meant sitting around the fire with your family and friends… chatting, telling stories, or listening to someone play music… sipping a hot drink… while you cracked and picked the nuts you gathered all fall long… looking forward to preparing decadent treats with them for the holiday season? We will recreate that time here in downtown Raleigh!

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The evening around the fire with us includes…

4-5 PM – Crack-Off Nut Cracking Competition:  fun, family-friendly competition with proceeds donated to Raleigh City Farm

5-8 PM – The Main Event:  

+Make-your-own hot spiked cider bar with wild foraged add-ins and local spirits from TOPO distillery and Fair Game Beverage Co.

+Crack and roast wild foraged nuts around the fire.

+Live, fireside music by the Chatham Rabbits and Dwight Hawkins.

+Market tables with local baked goods and crafts for sale, including Yellow Dog Bread Co and more.

+Make your own historic decorations for our Christmas tree.

Raleigh City Farm will also have their Christmas Tree Lot open for tree sales from High Country Firs during this time, so you can purchase a sustainably-grown Christmas tree while you’re there!

Special thanks to CompostNow for collecting all of our compostable cider cups and nut shells!

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