What to expect

Piedmont Picnic Project seeks to build practical food skills through fun and interactive experiences that are rooted in regional traditions.

Topics include foraging, gardening, mixology, preserving, fermenting, creative reuse, and more!

What can you expect from our approach?

It’s participatory

Folks get their hands dirty at our classes.  This empowers people to do the same thing at home and gets them interacting with each other.

It’s historical

We think history can be fun and give us practical insights for how we live today.  Using history to inspire food and drink practices is one way we are going to try to prove this.

It’s local

We keep ingredients as local as possible and use local history and flora to inspire our menu and activities.

It’s sustainable

We believe that becoming a part of our local food network and relying on it as much as possible can make our lives have less environmental impact and more community impact!


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