Kombucha & Fermented Root Beers at the Well Fed Community Garden on September 7!

Join Piedmont Picnic Project at the Well Fed Community Garden for our upcoming workshop on kombucha and fermented root beers! Learn two techniques for fermenting your own sodas at home: (1) fermenting using a kombucha SCOBY which we will provide, and (2) fermenting by growing your own ginger bug.


What you can expect:

  • Taste fermented sodas flavored with locally foraged fruit and herbs!
  • Learn how to make two kinds of fermented sodas on your own at home:
    • Kombucha
    • Ginger Bug Soda
  • Take home a kombucha fermentation kit that includes:
    • fermentation vessel + swing-top bottle for the finished product
    • fermentation cover cloth
    • SCOBY starter
    • your first batch of tea!
  • Learn a about the history of sodas and health elixirs in North Carolina + more about the potential health benefits of drinking naturally fermented sodas today!

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